Vantage offers a full range of products that are compatible with dimmable LED light sources. Our team has carried out extensive testing to determine what Vantage products work best with many different fixture types from various manufacturers.

The results of these tests are available by selecting a manufacturer name below. This will generate a list of model numbers that have been tested.

Please click on a model number to generate and print an LED Fixture Compatibility Test Report. Click here to download our Guide to Reading an LED Test Report.

Vantage is leading the way in LED lighting control through innovations of new hardware and software products; however, industry standards are still undefined for dimming LED lamps and fixtures. Dimming performance of LED lighting cannot be guaranteed, even when applying the correct dimming technology specified by the LED manufacturer. While Vantage may be consulted when performance issues are present, Vantage will not be liable for on-site performance issues. Vantage recommends the following to assist installers and lighting specifiers:
     ● Check Vantage's online library of LED product test reports prior to installing LED products to be dimmed by Vantage dimmers
     ● Utilize our on-demand product testing of untested LED products
          - Please contact Vantage for details regarding this service
     ● Selecting a tested product greatly increases the likelihood of successful dimming; however, LED product tests are performed under laboratory conditions with a set number of samples and a quality power source
     ● There are many factors that may contribute to unsatisfactory results within a specific installation, including but not limited to:
          - line noise originating from electrical equipment within the premises
          - line noise from the source (particularly with local generators or inverters)
          - interference between dimmed LED products
          - wiring conditions (i.e. shared neutrals, loose neutrals, incorrectly bonded neutrals, or grounding issues)
          - LED product variances, including:
               ◆ unintended batch-related variances
               ◆ product revisions
               ◆ the date of the test