Keypad Designer

Your customers trust you. They come to you because of your expertise in system design, programming and installation. They want you to be the expert, but they often already know what they want when it comes to their own decor and sense of style.

The Keypad Designer is a new tool that you can use with your customer. Use it to show specifiers, architects or homeowners the many combinations of button and faceplate styles and colors without having to order multiple samples. Or, load the Vantage Keypad Designer App to your tablet and let your customers discover their personal favorites on their own. The Keypad Designer is the first tool of its kind – one developed with both Vantage dealers and homeowners in mind.

From buttons to faceplates and even custom engraving, the Keypad Designer empowers your customer to make informed decisions on their interfaces. The Keypad Designer is available now for use on a PC, iPad or an Android device.

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