The simple and intuitive nature of Design Center allows Vantage dealers, with certification training, to provide a complete solution for the homeowner. Managing projects that include lighting, climate, audio, video, home theater, shades, pools/spas and other systems is easier than ever before. Reports, quick quoting tools, diagnostics, touchscreen design and other system tools are included in Design Center for an efficient approach to project design and commissioning.

Automation Project Creation

Build, manage and control all your projects with Design Center. Add keypads, touchscreens, dimmers, sensors, and other devices to integrate lighting, climate, media and everything in between. Add simple scenes or conditional logic for complicated sequences to bring it all together.

  • Project Management – Quick Quotes, Ordering, Reports, Diagnostics
  • Simple and Conditional Logic Programming
  • Third-party System Integration
  • Fast and accurate station configuration
New Construction and Retrofit Systems

Vantage provides flexible hardware solutions for installation in new construction, light to full remodel projects, and retrofit opportunities. Regardless of the type of install project, Design Center gives you the toolset you need to design, startup, program, and troubleshoot the entire system, all in one easy-to-use software environment.

  • Flexible system management:
    • New Construction
    • Remodel
    • Retrofit
  • One software tool for:
    • Design
    • Startup
    • Programming
    • Troubleshooting
Get Quick Quotes and Orders

Build the project files and quotes for customers all at the same time. Distribute quotes, purchase orders, invoices and project printouts to office managers, designers and techs instantly and accurately.

  • Software Diagnostics
    • Stations, Controllers, Modules, Drivers
    • Logs
    • Trigger History
  • Live device testing
    • Loads
    • Buttons, Tasks and Timers
    • 1080HD Video Switcher
    • 850D-DA Multi-room Audio Amplifier
    • IRX II and IR Devices
Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Although system installations are designed take place without issues, sometimes problems arise. Therefore, troubleshooting a system should be easy, and Design Center allows just that. Through real-time monitoring, hardware validation, live testing, a host of logs, and other advanced diagnostic tools - combined with a dedicated support team - your system installs can be smooth and hassle-free.

Print Schedules and Reports

No project is complete without a full lineup of relevant reports. Use Design Center to keep projects on time and on track. View, create and print reports for general project information as well as stations, enclosures, loads, fixtures, programming, engraving, faceplates, sensors, and more.

Integrate with Premier Partner Systems

Add drivers for control and feedback of third-party solutions such as security systems, HVAC controllers, media servers, multi-room audio systems, theater equipment, surveillance cameras, pool/spa systems, video distribution equipment, motorized shades and other devices to your Design Center project with a simple click and drag of the mouse. Later, swap devices so that programming changes are not required when one is replaced.

  • Extensive online driver library
  • Add third-party system drivers for
    • Theaters
    • Security
    • HVAC
    • Media
    • Multi-Room Systems
    • Cameras
    • Pool/Spa
    • Shade
  • Drag in, swap and replace as needed
  • Save and Reuse programming
  • Build drivers with Driver Designer software
Build Consistent and Intuitive User Interfaces

Interfaces to the Vantage system are provided by way of keypads, touchscreens, remotes and mobile devices. Keypads are the primary control points and can be configured in Design Center with custom programming, backlit engraving and LEDs, as well as faceplate colors and trims to complement the project's aesthetic needs. Touchscreens can be personalized using Equinox widgets and profiles, as well as with user-editable scenes. Then add tablet and mobile apps for the iPhone, iPad or Android to give users the same consistent

Implement Extensive Lighting System Options

Centralized and retrofit dimming systems are at the core of our software. From enclosures, modules, controllers and bus management to wall-box dimmers, DIN modules and low-voltage keypads, there are a variety of options for all ranges of projects. Power Profiles, Fixture Schedules, LED control and intelligent programming all provide the flexibility needed for both simple and complicated lighting systems.

  • Add Lighting Equipment
    • Enclosures
    • Modules
    • Controllers
    • Wall-box dimmers
    • Low Voltage Keypads
    • DIN Modules
  • Program Dims, Toggles, Raise, Lower, Vacation Modes
  • Manage Load Types, Power Profiles, Fixtures, Breaker Types
Integrate Professional Grade Video Switching

Easily add and setup video switching for projects when you pick your favorite Premier Partner video switcher driver from the list of partner manufacturers. Choose and Equinox 73 touchscreens and Equinox apps for the professionally designed Video Widget which allows quick and seamless integration. Use premier partner media servers, Blu-Ray players, set-top boxes and display driver found in the online driver library to build a simple control environment.

  1. Add a Premier Partner video switcher
  2. Add video source drivers such as media servers, Blu-Ray players and set-top boxes
  3. Add display drivers for TVs and projectors
  4. Assign zones and sources to video switcher objects
  5. Map inputs and outputs
Enjoy Rich Multi-room Audio

Provide a complete multi-room system inside each Design Center project by adding a stack of Vantage's 850D-DA switcher/amplifiers. Expand the system as needed up to 72 zones and 12 sources. Alternatively you can add a NuVo multi-room system complete with streaming source management. Choose Equinox touchscreens and Equinox apps for the professionally designed Audio Widget which allows quick and seamless integration.

  1. Add the Vantage 850D-DA amplifier or the NuVo P Series multi-room system
  2. Add audio source drivers such as the NuVo P3100 or NuVo tuners
  3. Assign zones and sources
  4. Live test Zone and Source controls on the 850D-DA inside Design Center
  5. Integrate with the Audio Widget on Equinox touchscreens and apps as well as the mini-widget on Equinox 40
  6. Personalize the Audio Widget based on person, area or function
  7. Program custom buttons for macros such as "Party Mode" or "All Off"Integrate with the Video Widget on touchscreens and apps
Simplified Home Theaters

Through Design Center, racks of  Premier Partner theater equipment such as receivers, media servers, Blu-Ray players, set-top boxes and controllable power conditioners as well as display devices such as projectors, screens, lifts and TVs can be fully integrated. Add the Vantage IRXII to the project rack for full RS232 and IR control, as well as contact inputs and low-voltage relays.

  1. Add and manage Premier Partner home theater rack equipment drivers
  2. Add the Vantage IRXII for full RS232, IR, contact inputs and low-voltage relays
  3. Integrate with the Home Theater Widget on Equinox touchscreens and Equinox apps
  4. Personalize the Home Theater Widget based on person, area or function
  5. Program custom buttons for macros such as "Watch Movie", "Intermission" or "All Off"
  6. Learn IR codes with IRXII Learner and Driver Designer software
Quickly Add Climate

Implement local and global control of temperature zones throughout the living space. Use Vantage thermostats and add remote temperatures sensors to a project for invisible control. Alternatively, integrate Premier Partner HVAC systems through drivers available in Design Center. Choose Equinox touchscreens and Equinox apps for the professionally designed Climate Widget which allows quick and seamless integration.

  1. Add Vantage thermostats or Premier Partner HVAC systems
  2. Integrate with the Climate Widget on Equinox touchscreens and Equinox apps as well as the mini-widget on Equinox 40
  3. Personalize the Climate Widget based on person, area or function
  4. Build custom setpoint schedules in the Climate Widget
  5. Program custom setpoints for scenes such as "Party Mode", "Vacation" or "Goodnight"
Get Comfortable With Shades

Comfort is important for Vantage system users, and motorized shades are often a key element of that comfort level. By adding either high-voltage or low-voltage relays through modules and stations - or by adding shade-specific objects and products such as the ILTS or RTS stations - you can allow users full and simple control of their shading system.

  • Add low or high voltage relays for direct motor control
  • Insert specific shade objects such as ILTS and RTS or third-party drivers
  • Integrate with touchscreens and apps
  • Program commands for individual shade up and shade down or specific positions with timers, sensors and whole-house scenes like “Goodnight”
New Features Design Center 3.9.2
Vantage’s Equinox 73-III (third generation) active matrix LCD touchscreen continues the Vantage commitment to LCD in-wall control centers. The Equinox 73-III LCD Interface is a dedicated system portal to whole home control. The 7” touchscreen displays media rich widgets in a dashboard layout. Each widget’s content has been carefully designed to provide the ultimate user experience. Navigate and control, with real time feedback, lighting, audio, climate, weather, and more through a single layer navigation experience. For additional personalization and control, individual widgets may be edited directly from the touchscreen.
  • Removed external power supply jack
  • New capacitive touch screen
  • New internal speaker design and placement
New Features Design Center 3.9.1
QMotion QzHub
QMotion QzHub with ZigBee Home Automation v1.2 from QMotion is the latest in advanced wireless shading. The new QzHub is more reliable, responsive and range with added security for the safety of your network. QMotion QzHub allows for the industry leading shade control to anywhere in your home. Now with full native support in Design Center from Vantage. Additional features include:
  • Simple installation, plug into network switch or router via Ethernet
  • Discover shades for easy configuration, eliminating the need to manually enter serial numbers
  • Dynamic control of the Qz Shades from Design Center for live updates
  • Remote access to the network for programming shade positions
  • 2-way communication provides feedback on position and battery level alerts
New Features Design Center 3.9
Adorne for Vantage Keypad
Announcing the release of the adorne® for Vantage low-voltage keypad. The adorne collection employs timeless design with a high-tech touch and is ideal for a wide variety of lighting control applications. Programmable buttons make it a perfect solution for reduced wall clutter. adorne keypads can be paired with Equinox touchscreens to fulfil a project’s requirements, used alone for smaller projects, or on projects that are expected to expand. Pair the designer keypads with adorne pop out outlets for a complete and consistent modern aesthetic for both above and below the chair rail.
  • Unique capacitive-touch style keypad
  • LED status color change quickly indicating which scenes are active
  • Simple installation requiring a proprietary 2-wire Vantage Station Bus pigtail
  • Native Design Center support for 1, 3 and 6 button layouts.
  • With 1 and 3 button configurations, Design Center provides automatic programming options of +/- for step level load and scene dimming, or up and down buttons for integrated shade control
  • Modern round or square button aesthetics are also mechanically compatible with Arteor support frames and faceplates for global projects
New Features Design Center 3.8
UDS Universal Dimming Station
Vantage is proud to announce the release of the Universal Dimming Station with EasyTouch II keypads. Its precision dimming replaces a standard high-voltage wall switch for control of forward-or reverse-phase loads. With both hard-wired (WireLink) and wireless (RadioLink) versions, the Universal Dimming Station fits the need of new construction, remodels and retrofit projects. Using Design Center, users can see the live power, current, and shutdown values for loads connected to these stations. New faceplate/trim/button color options are also available for these stations: Legrand standard colors in White, Light Almond, Nickel, Black, and Dark Bronze. Additional to the above features, enjoy the following with UDS:
  • Supports forward- or reverse-phase dimming
  • Dims incandescent, LED, dimmable CFL, dimmable ballasts, magnetic low-voltage, or neon/code cathode
  • Provides uninterrupted service during communication loss or maintenance
  • Accepts multi-event tasks on a single button
  • Integrates with Equinox touchscreens and the Vantage system
  • Sidefire (edge lit) button LEDs eliminate hot spots and provide more consistent backlighting for engraving and visibility
Tunable White/DMX Gateway Improvements
  • A Live editor allows for live testing, verification, and management of all 512 individual DMX channels.
  • Firmware updating is now available through Design Center for the Gateway, instead of using the web/html firmware loader
  • Specifically for tunable white, a new two DMX channel CCT load has been added allowing for the creation and control of tunable white loads, from tasks.
  • A slave mode monitor feature allows tasks to be executed based on a slave mode input as well as more refined LED queries around Kelvin values, Kelvin ranges, and specific RGB and other color mixes
Nuvo P4300 Integration
 Design Center presents native integration of the Nuvo P4300 which replaces the P3500. Providing 110 watts of power per zone, the Nuvo P4300 delivers high fidelity audio to three independent zones.
  • Available as a standalone audio system stack or as a direct audio source for use with 850D-DA audio amplifiers/switchers
850D-DA MKII Support
The 850D-DA II is a part number in Design Center and is now available for order. An additional option to convert your 850 to a MKII is also available. Updating firmware on the unit from Design Center has been fixed providing the option to choose the correct firmware file.
New Features Design Center 3.7
Design Center
Design Center 3.7 (DC 3.7) comes with several exciting improvements and updates including, but not limited to:
  • QMotion shades as native, drag-and-drop objects, enabling dealers to enjoy 50% faster programming time, meaning shades can be commissioned in as little as five minutes per shade
  • Quickly set limits for shades by pulling the shade to the desired position and pressing “learn”
  • Single button shade controls and procedures, allowing shades to be programmed to be raised, lowered, and reset with single button presses
  • New and improved diagnostics and reports, allowing dealers to view signal strength and battery level for Qadvanced with ZigBee HA1.2 systems and create and print shade schedules
  • Shading groups and super groups, which allow for the control of multiple disparate shades in a single object—for example, all the shades on the south side of a house can be created as a group to allow for one-button opening and closing, automatic in the user interface  
New Construction, Wired Shading
QMotion’s Qadvanced Intelligent System (QIS) for hardwired motorized shades offers easy setup and commissioning, enabled by two-way communication. Coupled with Vantage’s centralized lighting solution, deliver a complete hardwired integrated lighting and shading solution for new construction. Additional to the above features, enjoy the following with wired shading from QMotion and Vantage:
  • Through Design Center, you can discover all the QIS shades automatically, making your job that much faster and easier
    • Discover and bring all shades with their serial numbers into your project automatically  
    • Two-way communication allows universal addressing and configuration
    • Easily identify and match shade(s) to respective Equinox touchscreens in the project   
  • Simple Cat5e/Cat6 infrastructure for shading
    • Installing Cat5e/Cat6 cables does not require an electrician, saving money on the cost of the cables and the installation
    • Eliminates on-the-job terminations, meaning shades are plug-and-play
    • Infrastructure adapter converts most pre-installed non-QMotion wiring to QMotion protocol
Retrofit, Wireless Shading
The Qadvanced with ZigBee Home Automation v1.2 from QMotion offers an advanced wireless shading solution for retrofit applications, relying on the QMotion Qube and Vantage’s RadioLink wireless lighting for flawless shade control. Additional to the above features, enjoy the following with wireless shading from QMotion and Vantage:    
  • Simple one-piece bracket install
  • Qadvanced with ZigBee HA1.2 shades automatically read in to Design Center, eliminating the need to manually enter serial number, room names, etc.
  • Live updating and syncs in seconds with Design Center
  • Remotely programmable shade positions
  • Dynamic lower limit setting
  • 2-way communication provides feedback on shade position as well as battery level alerts
User Interface
Equinox 41 & 73 come with updated shade widget graphics, reflecting live feedback from the shade to the Equinox screen. So shade levels can be viewed and edited from anywhere with Equinox mobile apps. Additionally, with dynamic presets, users are able to make and save changes to shade preset levels on the fly, allowing for further personalization of the system. And with one-button shade control, users are able to automatically raise and lower shades with discreet +/- buttons. So shade control has been reduced from three-button to one-button control.  
New Features Design Center 3.6
The load agnostic Vantage Universal Dimming Module (UDM) is capable of effectively controlling multiple lighting sources, independent of source type, without compromising lighting aesthetics. It can be mounted in a main or secondary power enclosure and supports control of up to 8 dimmable, forward/reverse phase type loads with up to four line feeds. UDM08-EM series modules provide exceptional support of LED and CFL low wattage and high wattage lighting loads.
  • Auto load-type detection
  • Up to 8 universal loads, selectable by load type (forward or reverse phase)
  • Capable of custom load linearization profiles
  • Plug-and-play design, eliminated the need for field wiring to the module
  • Firmware is field upgradeable
With two programmable buttons, RadioLink keypads provide scene control for transition areas such as hallways or pathways that are tradtionally wired with 3- or 4-way switches. In existing structures, RadioLink keypads quickly install in the place of standard switches without running new wires.
  • 2-button, wireless keypad for use in any RadioLink project
  • No load attached keypad only
  • For use in 3-way scenarios or in any location where a wireless keypad is needed
  • Can be ganged with other RadioLink ScenePoints, faceplate punches, and more
  • Laser engraved buttons with LED backlighting in any color
Each Vantage project is successfully managed with a full lineup of schedules and reports. Use Design Center 3.6 to keep these projects organized and accurate. Run, view, export, and print these reports straight from each project file. With the new ability to group and sort products by floor, room, or device category and with consistent page formatting and additional sizes available, Vantage reports have never been more powerful. Choose from the following four options:
  • Enhanced Bill of Materials (sort by room or by category, like products are kept together, etc.)
  • Enhanced Engraving Detail (i.e. more relevant info, keep all gangs sequential, etc.)
  • Enhanced Load Schedule (now supports color loads, group loads by area, more info)
  • Dynamic filtering/sorting/grouping
  • Additional sizes (11x17; 18x24)
New Features Design Center 3.4
Turn your customer’s home into a smart home by giving it the new DIN-IC-II-LITE controller. It’s a great introductory automation system, allowing the different sub-systems in a home to work together—from lighting and security, to music and video, and pretty much anything in between.
  • Deliver instantaneous control and feedback at an exceptional value
  • Ideal for single-room control systems with room to grow
  • Add another DIN-II-LITE or full InFusion controllers
  • Bolt on lighting, audio, climate control and more as needed
  • Fully compatible with Vantage’s Equinox line of interfaces
Gain a whole new level of insight and organization with the new Equinox View! This brand new area in Design Center has been introduced to simplify and speed up the creation, management and troubleshooting of Equinox profiles and widgets. From here create, edit and delete nearly every aspect of a customer’s Equinox user data without opening up an app, a touchscreen or the emulator in Design Center.
  • Get in and out of the job faster than ever before
  • Add/remove profiles
  • Change widget order and its visibility per profile
  • Specify which profiles are visible on which Equinox devices and in what order
  • Create Equinox Scenes inside of Design Center
Avoid conflicts and keep your customers happy and their projects running with the new “EQ Data Merging” options. When working with and programming a customer’s project, there are four different programming choices to select from. Never easier than now, each option will allow a dealer to maintain a consistent, reliable and usable set of Equinox data. Choose from the following four options:
  • Merge both local and user-edited Equinox data (most common)
  • Overwrite Design Center Equinox data with the user-edited Equinox data
  • Overwrite the user-edited Equinox data with Design Center Equinox data
  • Clear all data and start from the beginning
New Features Design Center 3.3
Equinox 41 functions as a graphical user interface to the Vantage system and provides a personalized dashboard for multi-system control; the key to accomplishing this are the on-screen widgets.
  • One visible widget at a time
  • Use all 12 Widgets
  • Consistent with Equinox 73 and mobile apps
  • Three Layers of Navigation - Dashboard, full screen, and edit mode on all widgets
No Equinox project is complete without a full lineup of EQ40, EQ Widget, and Driver reports. Use Design Center 3.3 to keep these projects organized and accurate. Run, view, export, and print these reports straight from each project file. Additional reports are also available for general project information as well as stations, enclosures, loads, fixtures, programming, engraving, faceplates, sensors, and more.
Automatically backup all information stored on the controller weekly. This includes Equinox user data, learned levels, timers, and variable values. These items are now added to the project file that's already backed up on the controller SD card, providing installers with the complete peace of mind knowing everything they need to restore a system is right there and ready if needed.
  • Weekly Backup; up to a year!
  • Accessible from Design Center and/or from the controller
  • Keep loaded project file and dynamic data in sync
  • Store Equinox user data, variable values, learned levels, and timer times
Do you want to know what will or will not work in Equinox before going out to a project? The Equinox Information tab provides early detection of potential problems in the Design Center file that could prevent one or more Equinox widgets from functioning correctly. Here are some examples of errors or warning conditions that can be detected:
  • A driver is not Equinox compatible
  • A driver does not support a command that is used by Equinox
  • Displays such as TVs or projectors can’t be used in the Video widget, because their configuration is not set
  • There are no sources selected on a video or audio switcher
  • There are no zones or partitions defined for a security system
  • User friendly device names are not set on a driver
New Features Design Center 3.2

In Design Center 3.2, the all new Equinox 73 touchscreen and Equinox App objects can quickly be added to both new and existing projects through the Vantage Objects panel. The Equinox 73 is a beautiful, always on, always there, all-in-one LCD touchscreen that provides intuitive control for luxury spaces. The rich-media touchscreen functions as a personalized dashboard for multi-system control through live widgets for scenes, lighting, audio, climate, security, video, cameras and more. The same experience users enjoy on Equinox 73 is also available for smartphone or tablet apps on iOS and Android.

  • Simple - Intuitive access, control and feedback for luxury spaces
  • Flexible - Easily personalized and adapted to the customers' changing needs
  • Consistent - Keypads, touchscreens and mobile apps provide a consistent graphical user interface
  • Three Layers of Navigation - Dashboard, full screen and edit mode Multiple widgets
Simply Beautiful Equinox Widgets

Every Equinox widget is simple to use, beautiful to behold. Now with 9 widgets and more coming, Equinox makes it easier than ever to captivate your customers.

  • Profiles for people, areas, functions and time of day
  • Three levels of navigation - dashboard, full screen and edit mode
  • Natural flick, swipe and tap motions
  • Edit the interface dynamically
Do more with the Equinox Emulator

Managing Equinox widgets on projects has never been easier and can be performed on the device itself or through Design Center's smooth Emulator. Whether there are many Equinox devices or just a few, use the Emulator on your laptop both locally and remotely to graphically change the widget dashboard arrangement, add/edit profiles, tweak a scene, change widget defaults, edit device settings and more.

  • Local and remote access to Equinox devices
  • Rearrange an Equinox widget dashboard
  • Add/edit profiles
  • Change widget dashboard defaults (i.e. new lighting favorites)
  • Create a scene
  • Edit device settings

The Vantage / NuVo multi-room audio system offers advanced and stylish features that make enjoying your musical experience even easier. With support for the NuVo family of players inside of Design Center as well as rich control and feedback from the Equinox family of keypads, touchscreens and apps, this system can enhance every room where you live, work or play with an endless variety of your favorite music.

  • Build Vantage / NuVo audio systems
  • Easy system expansion
    • Up to 16 zones for stand-alone NuVo
    • Up to 72 zones when paired with the 850-DA
  • Provide streaming services and music libraries
  • Demos
    Introduction to Design Center 3.2
    Introduction to Design Center 3.1

    New Enclosures & Modules part 1

    New Enclosures & Modules part 2

    Auxiliary Enclosures & LVOS 0-10-PWM

    DIN Enclosure view

    Enclosure view