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Where would we find the Premier Partner hot sheets?

Look under the driver icon on the Equinox resource page.

Do you have a white paper on network requirements and settings?

We have “Networking for the Vantage Professional” on our professional web site here.


Can I still order RFLC from Vantage?
No, Vantage will not accept any new orders for RFLC.

What does Vantage recommend as a replacement for RFLC?
We recommend EasyTouch II Scenepoint dimmers. At CEDIA last year we also announced new lower pricing on these products, this set the stage for the RFLC announcement.

What do you recommend if I need to expand an existing RFLC project?
One of two options: 1) Add EasyTouch II Scenepoint dimmers to the project 2) Order RFLC parts from WattStopper or Legrand through Distribution.

What about Tech Support for RFLC?

We will continue to provide tech support as long as we are able.

What about other Vantage products on an RFLC project​?

All other Vantage supplied products will be supported.

Is the Vantage system interfaced with KNX Automation?

Yes we have a KNX interface module that is sold by our Vantage - EMEA team. It does support limited KNX interaction with the Vantage system.

Are the NuVo Players are only connected by IP in the Vantage Equinox system?

Yes, we only work by way of IP with the NuVo players.

Is IP Connection possible for the NuVo system?

Yes all P100, P200, P3100 and P3500 can all be controlled over a hardwired IP connection. The P100 and P200 need to use the GW100 gateway for wireless capabilities.

How do Vantage dealers purchase NuVo?

For Vantage certified dealers in North America the NuVo Pro Player products are currently available for purchase through Design Center and the online store and for Europe, Middle East, India, China and Russia through Vantage-EMEA. For all other areas of the world NuVo products have local representation. We can send a list based on dealer location.

Is this webinar being recorded for on-demand viewing later?

Yes, look under the webinar icon on the Equinox resources page here.

Add Rdio service please

Currently for the NuVo Player we support Pandora, Rhapsody, TuneIn and SiriusXM on Equinox 73 and apps. We don’t support Rhapsody on the Equinox 40 (due to the depth of navigation required). The missing streaming radio services that are currently on our radar are Deezer and Napster. We plan to add those this year but we don’t have a definite ETA.

Will the Equinox App have the same functionality as the NuVo App with regards to zone control and combined volume control?

Combined volume control is a double-edged sword. We are looking at “soft-linking” zones at a point in the near future, but in Equinox we don’t show multiple zones at once, except in the “Synch” popover (accessed from the audio zone selection ribbon). It’s a potential problem due to the unintended result that you don’t see the volume changing in the other linked zones in Equinox. We will be looking at ways to perhaps do or show that but don’t have a definite ETA.

When will you have a Vantage driver for the P3100 or P3500?

The driver was available with the initial release and then significantly improved with Update 1.

Do you always need to have a NuVo Gateway on the audio system? Does the P3500 or P3100 need a Gateway or only the P200 or P100?

The Gateway is only needed for the P100 and the P200 if you are using the product in a wireless solution. The gateway can be a good tool for troubleshooting all of the products listed above. This is a recommended tool to have.

If we have other devices (like cable providers “Sky”) and there are no drivers how shall I get them? And, if the drivers are there BUT there are buttons missing, how can we get them?

For IR video source driver creation (like set-top boxes and blu-ray players) there are instruction sheets with the driver interface requirements available from Vantage Technical Support. There is also a project underway to augment this information, formalize it and place it on the professional website. Some applications are not available in all countries. Application availability and pricing are subject to change.

Can you create & set up profiles through design center on the Equinox 73 and get these on the app - and vice versa?

Yes, with update 1 released in March 2014, that capability became available. The most common (and easiest) setup scenario is to create and modify profiles from an iPad/Android tablet instead of standing at a Equinox 73 location.

On the EQ40 you can set the page through the activation task. Will this capability become available on the Equinox 73?

Not yet, but we are investigating how and when we can duplicate this feature on the Equinox 41, Equinox 73 and apps.

Is there any plan on partnering with Cisco for network products?

No, not at this time, see previous comment regarding Legrand, Luxul and Access Networks.

Does Vantage suggest a particular manufacturer for a strong stable network solution?

We have three key product levels to be selected depending on the system requirements:

1) Legrand Home Systems networking solution, this solution is viewable and available at on our Pro site under networking.These products are pure residential grade with POE support and some nice in-wall/in-ceiling access points; great for a penthouse apartment or small single family home.

2) We are partnering with Luxul to deliver what we call commercial grade networking solutions, rack mount 24-port managed switch with POE, high power POE & managed dual band APs; a great solution for 6-8k sq. ft. homes with multiple AP’s and heavy metadata/streaming needs.

3) We have another partnership arrangement with Access Networks in California, they provide true enterprise grade, turnkey and serviced solutions; really the ultimate in networking using predetermined VLAN capable POE/switches and Ruckus dual band access points.

How do I register for Vantage training?

Vantage Training Registration Changes:

There is a new system in place for registering for Vantage training classes.  Anyone attending training must follow the process below to register.  Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions on the following process.

1.       A dealer interested in attending a class must log in to the Dealer Web site. They need to log in with their personal username, not their dealer login. If they use the dealer login they will not be able to register for training.

If they need a personal username:

a.       Have them log in to the Dealer account.

b.      Go to the Resources & Tools Menu and select User Management.

c.       Under User Management click on Create Account for the individual/student who wants to attend the training.  *Note: Each person attending the training must register, even if there are multiple attendees from the same company.

d.      After the account is created it may take up to 24 hours for the account to get authorized.  The student can then access the Web site and continue with the next step to register.

If they need a personal username and are a new dealer:

a.       Have them go to the Vantage Professional support home page.

b.      Choose “Request a login.”

c.       After they fill out the login request it may take up to 24 hours for the account to get authorized.


2.       Once they are logged into the Web site with their personal login, they can go to the training menu and select the class schedule.

3.       Once they find the class they want to take they will click on the link to register. *Note: This link only appears if they are logged in.

4.       When they click on the class link they will then fill out their information to submit a request for a seat in that training class.

5.       They will then receive an e-mail letting them know they need to be approved to attend the class.

6.       Once they are approved to take the course, the student will be sent information on paying for the course through our PayPal program on our Web site.

7.       Once they register and pay for the class they will receive a confirmation e-mail with the details on the class they attended.

8.       If they want to attend another training class, they need to register for that class at well. You must register for each individual class you want to attend.  Follow the same steps listed above to secure a spot in the follow-up course.

If there are any other questions for registration of the Vantage training classes, please contact our Training Department at (801) 226-4569

How do I use the new Professional Support Site?

We've designed the new Professional Support Site to be your first choice resource for all things related to Vantage.  The new site allows you to view, customize and order products directly from Vantage.

The site also gives you access to Marketing Literature, Product Cutsheets, Installation Guides, CAD Drawings, Training Information and many Support tools. 

To get the most out of the Vantage Professional Support Site, we recommend that you register for a username and password.  This will allow you to easily see information that is relevant to your company type and specifically designed for you. 

How do I place an order using the new Vantage Professional Support Site?

Only Authorized Vantage Dealers who are signed in may place product orders on the Vantage Professional Support Site. 

To place an order simply navigate to the appropriate product using the 'Product' option.  Enter the quantity of product and select 'Add to Cart'.  For products that include customizations such as colored faceplates or button styles, please make those selections before pressing 'Add to Cart'. 

Once all desired products have been added to your cart, select the 'Cart' option from the top, right-hand options.  Confirm the correct products are in your cart and select the 'Begin Checkout' button. 

Review your billing and shipping information, enter your job name, customer service representative and payment method and hit 'Review Order'. 

Confirm all information on the review order screen and select the 'Place Order' button.

What is the User Management option under Resources & Tools?

The User Management option allows you to update your information including name, phone number, email and company.  This option allows you to retain your Vantage Professional Support Site login information even if you move to another company!

I've received an email stating that I am the Company Admin, what does this mean?

The Vantage Professional Support Site includes special features for Company Admins.  These admins are able to create new support site users within their company and to remove those users who are no longer employeed.  Company Admins also determine who in the company is able to place a Vantage Product Order.