simplify the complex
enhance the capabilities of your system at the touch of a button
Meet Equinox 40, a beautiful, always on, always there LCD keypad that provides intuitive control of your lighting, scenes, and climate through its single layer user interface. EQ40 is a single-gang LCD keypad that combines many of the advantages of a full sized touchscreen with the simplicity of a multi-gang keypad, reducing the need and clutter of separate keypads and thermostats.

With its minimalistic on wall presence, Equinox 40 functions as part of a Vantage system and allows personalized control of a specific room or area. Key to accomplishing this is the on-screen mini widget environment that allows for the creation of control profiles through Vantage's Design Center software. Profiles can be created based on time of day, location, function, or individual.
With Equinox 40, you get an Apple© type device that is unique, simple to use, and very reliable. Plus, with mini-widgets, you get auto-generated object programming, which saves you time and money.
Easily adapt to your customers' changing needs by updating button text without new engraving. Then, with up to three pages of scenes, adapt each page to a person, a time of day, a room, or a system.
Easily adapt to your customers’ changing needs by updating button text without new engraving. Then, with up to three pages of scenes, adapt each page to a person, a time of day, a room or a system such as lighting, shades and energy savings.
Because the Equinox 40 LCD keypad is connected via standard Vantage station bus, it can be added to any InFusion system as a new keypad, on a new construction project, or even as a replacement keypad for one of your past InFusion system clients.  
Consistency is absolutely key for your customers; every touch point should look and act in the same way. And physical aesthetics such as form, color, shape, and size are critical. In both cases, you win with Equinox 40: consistent, beautiful, and intuitive.
With the functionality of mini widgets, you get to deliver a comprehensive control solution while simultaneously enhancing the beauty of your clients' homes. Through one single gang device, you can combine lighting, scene, and comfort control.
single page, multiple options
our mini widgets provide a higher level of control with the same single gang size keypad
The Equinox 40 offers mini widgets to provide the ultimate custom flexibility and personalization. Blend scenes with temperature and shading, or add a dramatic lighting scene including natural and artificial light. Mini widgets aren't like anything else; that's because each mini widget is designed specifically for EQ40. With mini widgets, you can do things like make a room more comfortable, a morning routine easier, or a party more entertaining, all with the press of a button.
Feeling too warm or too cold? Compare the room temperature and current thermostat setpoint, temporarily adjust it to a more comfortable level, and see modes change and confirmation of "heat to" or "cool to" condition. Keeping an eye on local weather conditions is easy with numeric and icon driven continuous updates and simply checking the time is even easier with an always visible clock.
Personalize the scene … use life style descriptions to execute the desired scene, easily raise or lower the lighting to create a unique atmosphere. A simple button press can evoke complex, behind the scenes conditional logic to determine the most appropriate use of light and energy. Three or five scenes make best use of space with combination audio. Balance natural and artificial light through integrated light and shade control. Status is immediately recognizable through color change of the scene descriptive.
profile choices
three pages and four scene profiles for Equinox 40 provide ultimate customization
With a beautiful 4.3-inch display and fast and fluid performance, EQ40 allows you to swipe through three pages of control, giving you access to 9-15 custom scenes. Set up your scenes in any of these four different profile options: person, time of day, room, or by specific function, such as lighting or shades.
Create a page for Mom with her preferred scenes: while she gets dinner ready, works on a project, or reads and relaxes. A page for the kids for studying, playing a game, or listening to music. And a page for Dad so he can work on the bills, entertain guests, or browse the web.
Sample scenes by person:
  • PAGE 1
  • dad
  • relax
  • work
  • PAGE 2
  • mom
  • relax
  • entertain
  • PAGE 3
  • guest
  • relax
  • path
Set up your Equinox 40 according to your needs and habits during a specific time of day. Create scenes that help you prepare in the morning, work throughout the day, and relax at night. A page for each time slot that automatically knows when you need them. That’s Equinox 40.
Sample scenes by time of day:
  • PAGE 1
  • coffee
  • breakfast
  • away
  • PAGE 2
  • lunch
  • clean
  • project
  • PAGE 3
  • dinner
  • snack
  • entertain
In today’s open floor plans, each room likely has different scene requirements. Create your scenes to fit a page for the kitchen, a page for the family room, and a page for the dining nook or back patio.
Sample scenes by room/area:
  • PAGE 1
  • cardio
  • weights
  • massage
  • PAGE 2
  • sauna
  • spa
  • swim
  • PAGE 3
  • shades
  • clean air
  • privacy
Focus your scenes on a solution such as lighting, shades, or security. A page for enhanced lighting scenes, a page for shades and security, as well as a page for energy management.
Sample scenes by function:
  • PAGE 1
  • room lights
  • chandelier
  • sconces
  • PAGE 2
  • shade up
  • shade down
  • stop
  • PAGE 3
  • conserve
  • temp back
  • all off
engage vantage & premier partners
vantage and premier partners create ideal mini widgets and personalized scenes
Because the mini widgets on Equinox 40 are programmed to work specifically with Vantage's lighting and temperature product lines, choosing these core products will guarantee the best possible experience for your customers and the quickest turnaround in programming and troubleshooting
You can implement Vantage’s lighting and temperature product lines with the mini widgets as well as with personalized scenes.
premier partners
Comprehensive drivers allow interoperability between Vantage and our premier partners. They have been developed and then rigorously tested against the InFusion system and the Equinox 40 mini widgets. Supported equipment from leading manufacturers includes thermostats from Aprilaire and shades from QMotion. More are being added, so check with your local representative or sales manager for the most recent list.


8800, 8870
Grand Concerto, T2, Music Port
custom components
When your clients have their own custom equipment, you'll be able to give them control right from the scenes mini widget, just like a regular keypad button. This includes IR drivers and non-premier partner drivers such as motorized shades, thermostats, and lighting in the driver library.
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