Weatherproof Outdoor Light Sensor

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The Vantage Outdoor LightPoint Sensor measures the intensity of light in an area and allows the Vantage system to automatically adjust lighting fixtures to maintain a consistent level of light. The action could also be programmed to open the awnings or dim the garden lights, closing windows in relation to the outside natural light etc. For example, during the day as the light levels change, lighting fixtures may be programmed to dim or become brighter to maintain the same, predetermined level of light. In the evening, lighting fixtures may be programmed to automatically brighten, replacing the light lost by the setting sun. The Vantage Outdoor LightPoint Sensor also behaves like a photocell turning lights on or off at a preset level of light. In some cases (business signs, outside security lights, corridors, etc.), lighting is desired during overcast conditions and not just at dusk or dawn. With the Vantage LightPoint Sensor, an outdoor company sign that turns on at dusk could also be set to illuminate durin

  • The spectrum of light measured is “Visible Light”. The scale is nearly infinite ranging from 0 through 10,000fc.
  • Allows lightsamples from indoor and outdoor locations.
  • Sensor housing is weather proof
  • Can be mounted outdoors.
  • Compatible with Design Center software or QLink software 3.0 with Controller firmware version 5.91 or higher.