277 Volt Electronic Power Station

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Part #: STPERW201

The Vantage Power Station is a large capacity dimmer and power booster. It is designed to handle larger than standard loads. Several models are available from Standard to Electronic Dimmer and available in 120vac and 277vac models. The high capacity heatsink comes with an attractive white cover. Other covers are available in almond, black, brown, and ivory. It may be connected to a dimmed load or directly to the station bus. It will then act as a high-power, single-station dimmer. The Power Station can be controlled by either a dimmed signal from a ScenePoint or Module, or can be controlled directly from the controller by connecting to the station bus.

  • Connects directly to the station bus, a ScenePoint Dimmer, or a dimmer module
  • Handles up to 3.5 Amps for incandescent or electronic loads at 277 Volts
  • Expands system capacity without adding modules or enclosures
  • Counts as one station when connected to the station bus
  • Installs in a deep two-gang box