IP Enabler

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Part #: IPE1000

Please Note: This item has been discontinued and is available in limited quantities.

For use with Q Systems only. The Vantage IP Enabler provides Vantage Q Master Controllers and C-Boxes an Ethernet port. A Vantage controller can be accessed, by the user, via the internet. This allows long-distance master to master communications. It also permits master communications with other third-party Internet protocol devices. With an IP Enabler, both QLink and WebPoint can have high speed access to the Vantage system directly through the IP Enabler's IPaddress. This ability can be used to remotely control or program a system.

  • Provides the Vantage Q Master Controller an Ethernet port
  • Allows connection to the Q Master Controller through a LAN, or the Internet
  • Configures using a PC with Windows 98 or higher via IP Enabler
  • Provides connection for remote control and programming of Vantage system
  • Connects to the RS-232 port and a 12 volt connection on the master terminal board or C-Box