Master Controller

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Part #: MC

Please Note: This item has been discontinued and is available in limited quantities.

The Q Main Controller executes and stores all of the programming and functionality of a Vantage Q System. Designed for installations that utilize an enclosure, this central processing unit can be programmed using QLink. This allows the Q Main Controller to orchestrate scenes for lighting, audio/video, HVAC, security system preferences and much more. Each Q Main Controller has the capability to coordinate commands from up to 50 wired keypads. At full capacity,15 Q Main Controllers can be interconnected to control over 1,900 loads. Vantage Q Main Controllers also feature the ability to track real and astronomical time and the LCD on the housing facilitates quick and accurate system diagnostics.

This product is California title 24 compliant
  • Features a plug-and-play design
  • Displays the system status through an LCD interface
  • Includes manual override and reset functions
  • Retains system integrity with a lithium barrery backup
  • Tracks real and astronomical time (i.e. sunrise and sunset)
  • Executes single or multiple events from a single trigger
  • Supports conditional events
  • Operates as a stand-alone or networks with other masters
  • Interfaces with a PC operating in Windows 98 or newer
  • Functions independent of a PC after initial set-up
  • Includes RS-232 ports for easy programming and control of third party systems
  • Runs on upgradeable internal software