October 27, 2016
Upgrade Now! Design Center 3.7

The latest version of Design Center is now available for download. Our new features will help you save time and money to deliver integrated lighting and shading solutions:

  • Shade presets: On Equinox touchscreens and apps, users can make and save changes to shade preset levels on the fly.
  • 1-button shade control: Programming 1-button shade control on keypads and touchscreens has been improved from a 20 minute process to a couple seconds. With little effort, enable users to raise, stop, and lower shade levels with 1-button on EasyTouch II keypads and discreet +/- controls from the scene widget.
  • See and know battery levels: When shade battery levels are low, automatic graphical alerts on Equinox touchscreens and apps will notify users.
  • Live graphic feedback: On Equinox touchscreens and apps, users can view current shade levels as well as watch shades raise or lower live from the shade graphic displayed on the shading widget.
  • Automatic shade read in: Design Center will automatically read all shades into your project, so you don't have to manually enter each address.  
  • New and improved diagnostics and reports: Create and print QMotion shade schedules containing name, area, address, bus, upper and lower limits, and full open and full close travel times directly.

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