June 07, 2016
InFusion system at the Anaheim Marriott, LiteTouch, and more

Infusion system provides LED lighting control and simple staff interface for the Anaheim Marriott

The Anaheim Marriott's nFuse restaurant and bar required an advanced lighting control solution for its upgrade to new LED lighting. Click here to read the Anaheim Marriott Hotel Restaurant case study to see how Vantage provided the perfect solution.

LiteTouch Upgrade Solution

Give your LiteTouch customers continued support by installing the InFusion LiteTouch Retrofit Insert Kit. It has been intelligently designed to easily fit into existing LiteTouch/Savant enclosures and can house up to three separate control modules. Click here for more details!

Legrand Acquires Luxul

Luxul is the #1 networking provider for professionally-installed custom integration systems. With Luxul, installers can deliver the ultimate IP network for Vantage IP-based products without the complexity associated with traditional networking gear. Read more about how networking products from Luxul can help you deliver the ultimate user experience.

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