September 11, 2014
Vantage Announces Five New Offerings for CEDIA 2014

CEDIA (DENVER), September 11, 2014 – This year at CEDIA, Vantage, the leader in lighting-centric integrated control systems for luxury spaces, announces five offerings for this year’s show: an addition to the Equinox family of products, a cost reduced dimming solution, a new line of amplifiers, the InFusion Controller and the Storyslab sales tool.


Equinox 41

With its sleek and continuous glass LCD touchscreen, Equinox 41 employs presence detection and light sensors to automatically wake-up to a desired personalized scenario and adjusts to ambient light conditions. Equinox 41 users will enjoy a richer animated control system interface experience through a prescribed control environment featuring twelve pre-programmed widgets. It is simple to navigate with the swipe or tap of a finger. In addition, two tactile buttons are available; one for home page navigation and the other for custom programming by a certified Vantage integrator. The Equinox tablet and Smartphone apps, designed for iOS and Android, are mobile manifestations of the on-wall Equinox 41 and 73 touchscreens respectively, providing the user with a familiar experience. The apps are specifically designed to ensure that user interaction remains identical to that of the touchscreen. Equinox touchscreen and mobile app user interfaces offer extensive options for profiles to simplify control. Once configured by a Vantage integrator, the end-user can personalize or adjust, and save widget settings with a simple on-screen interface creating an individualized profile dashboard.

The release of Equinox 41 follows the release of Equinox 73 and mobile apps in September 2013 and the December 2012 release of Equinox 40 and continues Vantage’s expanding line of intuitive in-wall LCD keypads, touchscreens and apps that offer the ultimate user experience and control interface in luxury spaces.

New Single Room Scalable Dimming Solution

The EasyTouch II ScenePoint Dimmer is Vantage’s premier line of tri color backlit dimmer stations. Used to replace multiple conventional switches, Vantage dimmers allow users to experience stylish, single-button control of their home. Vantage ScenePoint Dimmers are standard wall box dimmers that also connect to the Vantage system via wired (wirelink) or wireless (900 MHz) communication. To meet market requirements these premium dimmer stations are now available at a new lower price. For example, a 1 gang EasyTouch II 5 button arctic white ScenePoint will now be priced at 30-40% decrease. In addition, with the new Lite Controller (IC-DIN-LITE), the combination provides a no compromise approach to a scalable future-ready solution that is cost competitive.


Vantage’s mult-room audio system offers advanced and stylish features that make enjoying the musical experience even easier. From the 850D-DA amplifier and the new our new Digital Audio amplifiers and player to the Equinox family of keypads, touchscreens and apps this system can enhance every room where you live, work or play with and endless variety of you favorite music. Through Equinox you can manage and play any source/zone combination.

 InFusion Controller

To keep pace with increasing demands on the InFusion controller (the core of the Vantage system) we are introducing the new InFusion controller family (IC-II) with the increased memory and speed to meet the demands of today’s media intensive integrated systems. This new controller also has email alerts, increased access security and improved capabilities for remote updating all at the same competitive price as the current InFusion Controller (IC-I)

Vantage Sales App

Vantage is also introducing a new sales tool app for demonstrating Equinox and selling the Vantage solution. The Vantage Storyslab app is available for the iPad.

“We have a number of new and exciting things happening at Vantage right now,” said Reid Cram, director of marketing. “In addition to our latest touchscreen, the Equinox 41, we are offering a number of other improvements and additions to some of our products. I invite you to stop by booth 330 to learn more about the latest from Vantage.”


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About Vantage


Headquartered in Orem, Utah, Vantage is a leading manufacturer of intelligent control systems for luxury residential and commercial applications. With over 20 years experience, Vantage excels at employing the latest technologies in its products to create fully integrated automation solutions. Vantage has been part of the Legrand group since its acquisition in 2006.  Legrand, located in Limoges, France, is the global specialist in electrical and digital building infrastructures.  For more information, visit

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