December 12, 2012
New Vantage Equinox 4 LCD Keypads Bring Elegant Design And Whole House Control To Luxury Interiors

Minimalist On-Wall Interface Belies Advanced Technology

Controlling Lighting, Climate and Audio Systems



NEW YORK, NY, December 12, 2012Vantage, the leader in  lighting centric integrated control systems for luxury spaces, today announced the release of Equinox 4, a beautiful, LCD keypad that complements the most luxurious decors while providing a remarkably easy to use single layer interface for managing interior climate, lighting and audio in a room environment. Equinox 4 is the first in an expanding line of easy-to-use in-wall LCD Keypads and Touchscreens that epitomize the ultimate luxury space user experience.


Equinox 4 (SRP: $550) is a sleek, glass-to-the-edge LCD keypad that employs presence detection and light sensors to automatically wake up to a desired scenario and adjust to ambient light conditions, providing on-screen legibility day or night.


The new Equinox 4 offers a number of options for designing lighting scenes and other personalized controls. A Vantage integrator can configure the Equinox 4 keypad to display temperature, control climate, and even local weather forecasts. Once an Equinox 4 keypad is programmed by the integrator, the end-user simply manages lighting, climate and audio functions via intuitive prompts that are set against a clean, uncluttered background.


For integrators, specifying Equinox 4 is easy, as it is a single-gang LCD keypad that combines many of the advantages of a full-sized touchscreen with the simplicity of a multi-gang keypad; reducing the need and clutter of separate local audio keypads and thermostats. Installed like a standard keypad it’s quick, simple, and fool-proof for certified Vantage installers.


With two tactile buttons, it’s incredibly flexible and easy for all to use and can be dynamically updated by a certified as the user’s needs and preferences change. Its Vantage station bus connection also means full compatibility with the company’s existing InFusion station bus-based systems, as well as Vantage’s new Enhanced InFusion Lighting Solution.


The Experience is Everything


Equinox 4 is the first manifestation of Vantage’s new Equinox family of interfaces, a bold, overarching initiative that will result in a unified signature physical and graphical aesthetic that remains consistent across all control devices in a Vantage system. This concept promises a long line of products that offer the simplest, most straightforward path to accessing lighting control, comfort, local zone audio on keypads; and much more on Equinox touchscreens and apps.


The introduction of additional Equinox interfaces, including the Equinox 7 (pictured left), a larger in-wall touchscreen by Q2 2013, and additions to the Equinox 4 line in Q3 2013—as well as iOS and Android apps will round out the family. These products will incorporate Vantages full widget based control environment that will allow consumers to enjoy a richer control system interface experience.


Vantages’ Lighting and Scenes Widgets for the Equinox platform, for example, will allow users to personalize their own scenes plus designate favorite lights by navigating only one additional layer. This is achieved with the same swipe, press, drag, and press-and-hold gestures that are entirely intuitive to anyone who has ever used a smart phone or tablet.


In addition to the obvious ease-of-use benefits for end-users, the Vantage Equinox family will also provide dealers with a vastly simplified programming and integration experience utilizing Vantages proven Design Center software, greatly reducing the time, expense, and headaches of designing the UI for complex control solutions. This is the only system that provides the perfect blend of prescribed UI and dealer custom programming with user personalization through profiles.


Equinox 4 is available at a suggested retail price of $550. Additional Equinox models will be formally announced in Q2 ’13.


“Equinox offers a radically new yet simple approach to managing all aspects of the luxury environment,” said Andrew Wale, Vantages’ Vice President of Marketing. “A family of elegant interfaces that provide system users with a ‘Quick to Control’ capability that is presented consistently across the fixed and mobile control interface ecosystem. Equinox represents the future of our design philosophy: simplicity, unquestionable beauty, ultimate consistency, and an end to the clutter and confusion that have defined control system interfaces to this point.”


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