May 16, 2012
New Vantage Standard Dimmer Module Provides Fifty Percent Increase In Power Handling Capability



New Vantage Standard Dimmer Module Provides Fifty Percent Increase

In Power Handling Capability



Luxury lighting solutions are evolving as rapidly as any other consumer technology, with enhanced capabilities and seamless operation that speak to the needs of this vast and growing market.


Vantage, a leader in lighting, audio/video and comfort control systems for luxury spaces, is heeding the call for improved controls with the release of several new products, with a new Standard Dimmer Module and 0-10 PWM Low Voltage Output Station-DIN standing out for their ability to providing both future-ready capability and full backwards compatibility with previously available Vantage hardware.


As part of the company’s InFusion lighting control solution, the new Dimmer Module and Low Voltage Output Station-DIN deliver enhanced efficiency and an all-around advanced user experience.  


“Vantage is squarely focused on designing lighting control solutions that uniquely address the complexities of luxury spaces,” said Andrew Wale, Vantage’s Vice President of Marketing.  “This evolution in our InFusion lighting control system builds on our established tenets by introducing an enhanced capability and overall design that speaks to the needs of end-users with the means to enjoy the best control systems on the market.”


The Vantage InFusion Standard Dimming Modules (SDM12-EM) are mounted in the new Main or Secondary Power Enclosures (IMPE or ISPE), released earlier this year, and support control of up to 12 standard (forward phase) loads with up to four line feeds and up to 64 total amps of load. The enclosures provide new module locking mechanisms for improved infield plug and play installation and service, allowing modules to be quickly replaced without affecting load connections to the system. Field Serviceability is enhanced with field service alerts sent via email to installers. In addition, this system features the industry’s first in-field upgradeable firmware.


Two additional line feeds provide added flexibility with AFCI circuit breakers. The modules feature current-sensing that is built-in, allowing enhanced conditional programming in Design Center for increased support of Energy Management scenarios. SDM12-EM series modules provide exceptional support of LED and CFL low wattage lighting (5W@120V / 12W@277V) as well as high wattage lighting loads. The SDM12-EM module is compatible with new and old enclosures using new AC terminals. Electrical specifications include the SDM12-EM having a single part number that supports 120 - 277 VAC and 50 or 60 Hz for global compatibility.


The 0-10 PWM Low Voltage Output Station-DIN is used for the control and automation of LED, CFL and CCFL lighting loads requiring either 0-10 or PWM for dimming control. Each LVOS DIN features eight 0-10 outputs with four that can be turned into PWM outputs. The LVOS DIN is firmware upgradable in the field through its station bus inputs, has four dry contacts inputs, with two additional override inputs and is powered by 13.8 to 36VDC.


These product releases continue significant enhancements to Vantage’s InFusion lighting control solution that will be introduced throughout 2012. The planned enhancements will provide a demonstrably improved user experience with such benefits as increased control precision, improved design flexibility, and full compatibility with existing Vantage products as well being completely future-ready for upcoming introductions and enhancements.


Added Mr. Wale: “"As a company, Vantage is committed to offering innovative products designed for luxury spaces that are easy to use, give integrators powerful state-of-the-art tools for delivering a powerful end-user experience while continually growing their bottom line.”






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