December 05, 2011
Design Center 3.0 is Here

It’s amazing how much innovation can be packed into one number. 

Design Center, the Vantage design and programming  software tool that accompanies its InFusion control and automation system, is out with an all new version – 3.0. Widely recognized as one of the most intuitive, easy-to-use programming options in the industry, Design Center 3.0 features a host of significant upgrades and support for upcoming products such as:

  • RFLC
  • 850D-DA Multi-Room Amplifier (available December 2011)
  • One-, Two-, and Four-Button EasyTouch II keypads (available January 2012)
  • Titanium buttons, faceplates and trims (available January 2012)
  • Quad Sensor

RFLC – the newest lighting control system from Vantage – gives dealers the flexibility to offer a home control system for one room (such as a home theater), a suite of rooms, or an entire house.  Powerful and reliable, RFLC is the perfect entry-level lighting control system for homeowners looking to experience the benefits a one-touch automation system offers. Together, RFLC and InFusion provide the dealer with virtually limitless options to meet the varying needs of their customers.

Updates to Design Center go well beyond product releases. New software features include:

  • Enclosure Load Management
  • DIN Enclosure View
  • Integrated Device Design
  • Live Scene Setting
  • Dynamic Power Profiles
  • Sensor Visibility and Report

Combined with updates to Driver Tools (3.2.3), InFusion Media Client, and more, Design Center 3.0 makes programming a Vantage InFusion system easier and more instinctive than ever before.

To begin using Design Center 3.0 in current and future projects, visit the Support section of our website and download the appropriate files. 


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