January 19, 2010
Vantage Adds Motion & Light Sensors to Energy Management Solution

Vantage Adds Motion & Light Sensors to Energy Management Solution


Hands-Free Lighting Control in the Luxury Market

OREM, UT, January 20, 2010 – Vantage, the leader in home automation solutions for luxury homeowners, reaffirms its commitment to green living with the release of the Energy Management Motion and Light Sensors.  The EM-Motion Sensors and EM-Light Sensors complete the Energy Management Solution and integrate with the Vantage InFusion™ Control System.


Sensors provide homeowners with hands-free control of pre-programmed lighting scenes for true automation and intelligent energy management and conservation.  Within a Vantage home, homeowners can now simply enter a room to trigger lights, window treatments, or other devices within the home. 


“With the introduction of the Energy Management Solution and the addition of light and motion sensors, Vantage is demonstrating its ongoing commitment to outfit homeowners with all of the energy efficiency options they desire,” said Andrew Wale, Vantage vice president of marketing.  “The Energy Management Solution now provides homeowners with absolute control over their energy usage with intelligent energy management and conservation solutions.”


The EM-Light and EM-Motion Sensors have been designed to virtually disappear in any room while providing unmatched control over a home’s energy consumption.  Sensors optimize natural and artificial light to provide homeowners with absolute control over light levels and energy savings. 


Using a process known as “daylight-harvesting” lighting levels can be maintained at a pre-determined and consistent level by measuring light in a specific area and relaying the information back to the Vantage system.  The Vantage system uses ambient light in combination with shade or drapery automation to maintain ideal illumination levels.


Mounted on either the wall or the ceiling, Vantage’s EM-Light and EM-Motion Sensors boast simple installation and programming capabilities.  The new sensors seamlessly connect to the back of the nearest Vantage keypad for communication and power functionality. .


The new EM-Light Sensor features include:

·         Ambient light level sensing

·         Directional detection lens

·         Mounts without screws

·         Ceiling or wall mount

·         Paintable trim


To complete the system, EM-Motion Sensors use 360® detection compact dome lenses to sense human body motion to trigger lights, security cameras or other devices connected to the system. 


The new EM-Motion Sensor features include: 

·         Passive infrared motion detection capability

·         12-15’ or 30’-40’ diameter detection range

·         360° detection compact dome lens

·         Paintable trim

·         Pulse count processing

·         Low-profile design

·         Adjustable Sensitivity 


With the addition of light and motion sensors, Vantage’s industry-leading Energy Management Solution provides a complete end-to-end solution for homeowners. For more information, visit


About Vantage

Headquartered in Orem, Utah, Vantage is a leading manufacturer of intelligent control systems for luxury residential applications. With over 20 years experience, Vantage excels at employing the latest technologies in its products to create fully integrated home automation solutions. Vantage has been part of the Legrand group since its acquisition in 2006.  Legrand, located in Limoges, France, is the world specialist in products and systems for electrical installations and information networks. For more information, visit the Vantage Web site at 



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