August 10, 2008
Vantage Legrand Introduces New Touchscreens Options

In-wall, on-wall and pedestal mounted touchscreens give homeowners more choices

Orem, Utah, Aug. 11, 2008, - Vantage/Legrand, a pioneer in luxury home systems, has increased its line of touchscreens to include a new range of in-wall products. With the addition of the TPT650 in-wall mounted touchscreen and the newly upgraded TPT1210-1 web tablet to the Vantage portfolio, homeowners have an even broader range of stylish solutions to choose from.

"The amount of technology included in today's luxury home has increased dramatically in the past few years," said Vantage Marketing VP, Andrew Wale. "Our new touchscreens not only offer a proven solution that provides the most effective way of interfacing with these complicated subsystems, they also allow infinite display personalization."

Designed with the needs of luxury homeowners in mind, the TPT650 is a 6.5 inch touchscreen provides total control of the Vantage InFusionT system. Utilizing the simple drag and drop programming of Vantage's powerful software, the TPT650 can be infinitely personalized to cater to individual tastes. Using preprogrammed libraries, widgets, and other design elements, Vantage dealers can quickly create complex and attractive touchscreen solutions.

The TPT650, an Intel� X-Scale processor, runs a Linux� operating system, which ensures system reliability and an enhanced user experience. Using the Ethernet to connect to the InFusion system by way of the Vantage Ethernet Bus, the TPT650 allows support for InFusion Media Center components, including music, photo album display, lighting and more. Bezels for the touchscreen are available in arctic white, pearl black, silver or custom color.

The TPT1210-1 is the upgraded version of Vantage's award winning TPT1210. Featuring more memory, a faster processor, a redesigned body and a new charging pedestal mount, the new TPT1210-1 wireless touchscreen is an improved version of an already popular Vantage offering.

"This web tablet allows for full control of a Vantage system and the functionality native to a Web tablet, such as email and Web browsing," said Wale.

"Whether it is undocked and communicating wirelessly to the system or docked to an in-wall, on-wall or pedestal mount, homeowners can enjoy interaction with their Vantage home control system from anywhere in the home."

With Vantage's InFusion Media software, all Vantage touchscreens have the capability to connect with a home theater or digital music library to provide homeowners with easy playback and control of their media library.

Vantage has a touchscreen that is perfect for any room, style or taste. The complete TPT line of Vantage touchscreens vary in size, function and capabilities. For in-wall mounted solutions, this would include the 10.4 inch TPT1040 (releasing in November 2008), the TPT650 and the 5.5 inch TPT550. For wireless control, Vantage offers the TPT1210-1 and the 7-inch TPT700 portable touchscreens.

For additional information or materials on Vantage products, please contact Derek Jensen (801) 229-2800 x308 or email

About Vantage/Legrand
Headquartered in Orem, Utah, Vantage/Legrand is a leading manufacturer of intelligent control systems for luxury residential applications. With over 20 years experience, Vantage/Legrand excels at employing the latest technologies in its products to create fully integrated complete home control solutions. Legrand, located in Limoges, France, is the world specialist in products and systems for electrical installations and information networks. For more information, visit the Vantage/Legrand Web site at

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