These drivers have been released in the past 90 days.  Please check back often as our team is focused on continuing to create drivers for complicated systems. 

Manufacturer Model Type Date
Basalte Keypad-HUB (PORT) 11/05/2019
KnowCross ActivityService (PORT) 10/24/2019
Paradox DigiplexDGP-848 (PORT) 09/04/2019
Paradox DigiplexDGPNE96 (PORT) 09/04/2019
Paradox DigiplexEVO (PORT) 09/04/2019
Paradox DigiplexEVO192 (PORT) 09/04/2019
Paradox DigiplexEVO48 (PORT) 09/04/2019
Paradox DigiplexEVO96 (PORT) 09/04/2019
Vantage VirtualThermostat (PORT) 11/05/2019
Virtual HVAC system (PORT) 10/26/2019