Manual Override

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Part #: Q-MANUAL

Vantage offers simple, manual, on-off, control that is useful during construction and emergencies with the Q-Manual Override Switch. The Q-Manual Override Switch can override an Infusion or QLink System with one simple switch giving installers ease and convenience with diagnostics and troubleshooting. The Q-Manual Override Switch is available in one or three stacked switches on a single face plate. Installers can connect enclosures together and control all the lights in those enclosures with one switch. To have emergency control of selected loads in any type of project Vantage's Q-Manual Override Switch is a great solution.

  • Provides manual control of selected loads before Vantage Controller or Keypads are installed
  • Available in or or three switches, both requiring only a single gang wall-box
  • Provides a non-polarized contac t-closure back to the Vantage Controller
  • A single Manual Override Switch can be used to place either a single or multiple encsloures into manual override mode
  • Toggles loads selected by DIP switches on Vantage Modules
  • Compatible with InFusion or Q systems