Lighting Only Relay Station - DIN

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Part #: RS8-L-DIN

The Relay Station Lighting - DIN is designed to control lights and provides eight isolated latching relay channels. The RS8-L-DIN accepts voltage from 0 to 277 volts and up to 10amps at each load. The relays are single-pole, single throw, offering a set of eight latching contacts. This station may also be used as a low-voltage relay station. Actuator buttons allow the connected relays to be manually toggled. Relays latch in place retaining its last state in case of a power interrupt.

  • All relays are rated for lighting type loads
  • Provides a single integration point for up to eight relay channels
  • Allows effortless control of devices such as lighting loads, draperies, pumps, garage doors, lifts, screens, pool covers, sprinklers, security systems, and much more
  • Clips easily on standard 35mm DIN rails
  • Communicates with the main controller through a two-wire bus or by a small connector on the side of the unit
  • Includes individual switches for direct control of each of the eight relays