277 Volt Latching Relay Module

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Part #: MDR8RW201

Vantage's Relay Module provides relay functions on eight individual load channels. Every load is controlled by a high voltage relay and is powered by two loads per 20 Amp circuit breaker. Two Relay Modules are available. One module features control for 120V and the other controls 210-277V.Each module is designed to easily plug into a Vantage Enclosure. All AC wiring is terminated into screw terminal connectors within the enclosure. This feature allows the Relay Module to be installed after the building has been finished, eliminating the potential for damage during construction. The relay also features zero-cross switching technology to minimize wear on the electrical contacts and increase the life of the module.

  • Prevents arcing and extends module life with zero-cross switching technology
  • Includes individual switches for direct control of each of the eight relays
  • Features a plug-and-play design
  • Plugs into terminal boards located within the enclosure
  • Switches high-voltage loads
  • Offers load by load selectable manual override control
  • Displays the operating status with LED indicators including:
  • Microprocessor status
  • Line feed power
  • Manual override