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The 0-10 PWM Low Voltage Output Station is used for thecontrol and automation of LED, CLF and CCFL lighting loadsrequiring either 0-10 or PWM for dimming control. EachLVOS features four 0-10 outputs, four PWM outputs andfour high voltage relays. The LVOS is firmware upgradablein the field through its ethernet bus or station bus inputs. Ithas the capability of supporting four dry contact inputs, twoadditional override inputs and is powered by 120-277VAC.

The dry contact inputs can be used with motion sensors,light sensors, pressure sensors, IR input, magnetic switchesand more.

  • Controls up to eight separate sets of LED, CFL, or CCFL lighting loads
  • 4 Analog, 0-10 low voltage outputs
  • 4 PWM, low voltage outputs
  • 4 High voltage relays (120-277VAC)
  • High voltage relays - may be tied to selected low voltage outputs through Design Center
  • Allows for the addition of dry contact inputs to the automation network including motion sensors, light sensor, IR input, pressure sensors, magnetic switches and more
  • High resolution performance when dimming
  • Override switch for ON and OFF states of all loads
  • Communicates via Vantage Ethernet Bus or Station Bus
  • Powered by 120VAC to 277VAC
  • Firmware upgradeable in the field
  • UL and CE Certified