PIR Motion Sensor - 16ft Radius

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Part #: FL-MS-MINI-360-16

Vantage sensors, when combined with an InFusion control system, allow homeowners to enjoy the full benefits of an automation experience. The Vantage Mini Motion Sensor 360-16 enhances a Vantage System by using motion to trigger tasks. Tasks that used to require toggling a light switch or pressing a button can now be triggered simply by entering a room or through changes in ambient daylight. Inconspicuously mounted in either the ceiling or wall, the Mini Motion Sensor's 360-degree compact dome lens detects human body motion, instantly activating lights, security cameras, and other devices connected to the Vantage system.

  • Extremely small PIR sensor
  • Excellent small motion detection capability
  • 360 degree detection compact dome lens
  • Can be wired to the auxiliary input on the back of any Vantage keypad station
  • Can be wired as a dry contact to different Vantage statiosn with inputs available
  • Compliments to any decor with an ultra-slim, inconspicuous design