Quad Sensor

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Quad Sensors are used with the Vantage IRX II to allow power or status tracking. Power, digital audio, analog audio, composite video, or “Y” component video status information is sent to the Vantage system as a contact state. This allows the Quad Sensor to monitor whether a device is ON or OFF and recognize the status of power and audio or video signals. The Quad Sensor is normally connected to the contact inputs on the IRX II. However, it may be connected to other dry contact sources on a Vantage system (such as contact input stations, TheatrePoint stations, or the back of most low- voltage keypads).

  • The Quad Sensor connects from the IRX II to most third party equipment or from the TheatrePoint or Contact Input Station
  • Gain and delay potentiometers for fine tuning
  • Includes 4.5 foot (1.4m) cable
  • Provides four products in one by sensing AC current, video, analog video and digital video